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September 200 Club Winners

 It winners time again for 200 Club members as Septembers draw has been made.

The football club this month benefits with a cheque worth £785 and this will be put to good causes within the club as always. Every month the money is gratefully accepted and has been very important in the past as it will be in the future and for that we are always thankful.

The six lucky winners are as follows...

1st Prize No. 077 Kyle Owens £412.50
2nd Prize No. 037 Vicki Morton £207.50
3rd Prize No. 206 Rory Hale £83
4th Prize No. 183 Michael Reid £41.50
5th Prize No. 076 Chris Hegarty £41.50
6th Prize No. 007 Bernard Thompson (Snr) £41.50

Collections have started for Octobers and if you see Mervyn Knox please make sure you give him your £10 donation to be in next draw.


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