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Join The 200 Club

 Every month we are sure you see an article put on the website and social media congratulating six lucky winners on winning prize money in the 200 Club and thanking members of the 200 Club for their contribution.

How many of you have asked the question "What is the 200 Club and how can I join?" Let us explain...

The reason we’re running it is simply to bring in revenue to help the Football Club. The costs of running the club are huge. Basic bills such as players wages and utility bills such as light, rates, water and heat, and then others such as registration fees, medical expenses, etc .

Its quite simple - ultimately this is a business and we need to balance the budget. 

The advantage of this initiative is that by contributing to the 200 club you will not only be helping the football club but in with a chance of winning a significant prize of maybe up to £500

The 200 club is being run by a sub committee on behalf of the Board. However most of the Management Committee, players and staff are all signed up and fully support it.  Anyone who joins this exclusive club will be helping safeguard the future of the Football Club. I would add you have to be over 16 to join.

The 200 club is not limited to 200 members because the more members we get the more money to the club and the bigger cash prizes that can be paid. For instance if we had 300 members, £1500 would go to the club and £1500 in prizes -the first prize would be £750. So its important for you to try to get your work colleagues, friends neighbours and family involved.

The cost of a share (which is 10 £1 tickets) is £10 a month which is only £2.50 a week. The draw will normally be made on the last Saturday of the month. To cut down on overheads we are encouraging people to sign up by Standing Order however cheques or cash will be accepted. The reason why we are choosing the Standing Order method rather than direct debit is because it leaves you in control of the payment. A direct debit is you authorising another account such as your telephone company, to take money out of your account. Once you set it up you need to cancel it in writing and whilst its in operation the other account can change the amount it takes from your account as long as they inform you, just like your telephone or electricity bill. A standing Order on the other hand is where you tell your bank to make a payment to another account. You set it up, you set the amount, you set the period you want it to run for, and you are free to cancel or amend it at any time i.e. you are in total control of it at all times.

A SO can be set up online or at your bank for only one month or monthly for as long as you want it to continue. It has the advantage that if you don’t have the cash or cheque on a Saturday you will still be entered in the draw to win maybe £500 or £750. The payments from the SOs have to be in our account by the 20th of each month so we can confirm receipt of the money before the draw. First prize is £500 (1/2 prize money), 2nd £250 (1/4 prize money), 3rd £100 (1/10 prize money) and 3 prizes of £50 (1/20 prize money).

I emphasise we do not need to see your standing Order form so your bank account details are safe.

There is however one crucial piece of information we do need – your name. This must be recorded on line or on the form as well as signing it so that we know who the payment is from and can then enter you in the draw.

Shares either by cash or by cheque or standing order will be available by seeing Mervyn Knox, Billy McCord, Billy Montgomery or Michael Long. You can also print it off directly from here 200 Club Form

We would like to thank all those who are already in the 200 club. We now ask for you, your friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues and even the mother in law to actually join. Wouldn’t it be nice to be drawn out in our first draw every month and win a cheque for between £50 and £500.

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