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December 200 Club Winners

The latest 200 Club has been drawn and we have six lucky winners who can celebrate winning a pot of cash to enjoy and spend.

The Club again benefit to the amount of £790 and will be used wisely as always while the winners will get a piece of the £835 that went into the prize pot. Thank you everyone in the 200 Club who contribute to the worthy cause and we are as always greatful for what we receive. 

The draw had 167 members balls in the randomiser and the winners are...

1st Prize No.137 George Clarke £417.50
2nd Prize No.060 William Hislop £208.75
3rd Prize No.090 Jordan Forsythe £83.50
4th Prize No.210 George Davidson £41.75
5th Prize No.206 Rory Hale £41.75
6th Prize No.057 Simon Chilton £41.75

See you all soon for the next draw and remember if you wish to join ask Mervyn Knox, BillyMcCord, Billy Montgomery or Michael Long all about the 200 Club and all that it involves.

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