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January 200 Club Winners

 As we continue to catch up on our 200 Club draws because of a string of away games the January draw has finally been drawn. 167 numbers went into the computer randomised draw and the six lucky winners are...

1st Prize No. 091 Robert McQuillan £417.50
2nd Prize  No. 178 James Branagh £208.75
3rd Prize No. 004 Richard Moore £83.50
4th Prize No. 001 Billy Montgomery £41.75
5th Prize No. 024 David Cushley £41.75
6th Prize No. 191 Charlie Murphy £41.75

The club on this occasion benefit to the amount of £790 and will as always go to good causes within the football budget. Without you and this constant cash flow we would have to reshuffle money to cover the weekly outgoings so we are extremely grateful to all the members of the 200 Club.

Money will be collected on Saturday at Seaview at the Glentoran game for Februarys draw so please see Mervyn Knox, Billy Montgomery or Billy McCord with your £10 donation so we can get Februarys draw completed and make six lucky members cash rich along with the club making a few pounds as well.

Thank You

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