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Important 200 Club News

 To all Members of the 200 Club.

Crusaders FC would like to thank all members of the 200 Club for your continued support of this much needed and valued source of revenue.

Unfortunately for a number of reasons draws recently have not taken place as scheduled. The January draw which should have been drawn in the first week of February did not take place until the 11th March because we had no home games between Saturday 25th January to Saturday 29th February. The draw was made after our first home game on 7th March.

Whilst we have over 100 members including players who have donations taken at source or donate via Standing Order, 72 members pay cash. £720 adds considerably to the prize pot.

Unfortunately with the suspension of the domestic season until 30th April at the earliest and the Government and PHA advice to stay indoors, collection of cash donations will be virtually impossible.

Whilst the Government has promised various support packages, some of these are not available until April meanwhile the club have ongoing commitments in relation to players wages, HMRC, VAT etc. The Club therefore faces some challenging time ahead.

Some members have suggested that donations taken at source, by standing order and any advance cash payments should be paid immediately into the clubs general account to help in some small way at such a difficult time.

To try to ensure that Crusaders FC continue to progress and challenge in the future, the 200 Club Committee have considered the proposal and very reluctantly agree to this suggestion.

However any member who has paid via standing order or made any advance payment for February, March or April who does not agree that their donations should be paid to Crusaders FC to assist with the ongoing expenditure, may contact Mervyn Knox by text on 07968147444 and Billy Montgomery at in complete confidence and we will make sure that your donations are refunded to you. Any Standing Order may also be cancelled via your on line banking however to assist with administration please let Mervyn and Billy know.

To allow for replies no money will be paid to the club until 31st March 2020.

We can assure you that this decision has been taken with the best interests of the Club in mind. On resumption of the domestic season, Billy Montgomery will be at the Creations entrance to collect donations and Billy McCord at the St Vincent Street entrance. Alternatively cash payers may wish to start up a standing order.

Thank you

Mervyn  Knox; Billy Montgomery; Billy McCord

200 Club Committee

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