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Offer Help & Support Each Other

 As you’re aware the Government has issued instructions to stay at home and also recruited volunteers to collect medication, get essential food supplies and contacting people who are self isolating.

We all know what a wonderful job the NHS are doing but they are being stretched as will these volunteers.

Crusaders FC supporters have a proud tradition of pulling together in time of adversity to support both ourselves and the Community.

As some of our supporters have to self isolate due to being in the vulnerable groups they may have difficulty in getting groceries, collecting medication or just wanting to speak to another human being and have a chat about football or anything to get some relief. Indeed our first volunteer Graham Heslip has made this suggestion and offer and would be happy to make a call at a suitable time.

If any other supporter would be willing to volunteer to get essential food, medication or give someone a phone call, please send you name and contact number to Please indicate whether you would be willing to help with shopping/medication or telephone calls.

Once we have further volunteers I will post further details however in the meantime if anyone would like to chat with Graham about their favourite game or anything please contact Billy at and I will put you in touch with Graham.

Please keep yourself safe and observe all the Government advice on self isolation and social distancing.

Keep the faith

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