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Appeal For Help If You Can

Can we thank those supporters who have already replied to the request for volunteers to collect medication, get essential food supplies or contact people who are self isolating.

To ensure we have a sufficient number of people available, more volunteers are needed. So if you were thinking of it or now find you are able to assist our supporters who are having to self isolate because they are in the vulnerable groups, please send your name and contact number to Please indicate whether you would be willing to help with shopping/medication or telephone calls.

None of us are used to self isolation or social distancing and it can leave you feeling anxious or stressed at this time and that would be perfectly normal however it can help to chat. It can be about anything. If you would like a call send me an e-mail at Please give your name and number and I will arrange for someone to contact you.

As most Health centres are now closed to the public, if you need your medication you will have to have ordered it from your Doctor and informed them which Pharmacy you want it collected from. You may then need to inform the pharmacy of that request so they collect the prescription. When the prescription is ready, send me an e-mail at the above address and I will arrange to get someone to collect the medication and deliver it to you. Please indicate your address, the name on the prescription and which pharmacy you have arranged the prescription to go to.

If you have difficulty in getting groceries send me an e-mail at the above address. Please include your name and address. I will then get someone to contact you. You will arrange for them to call out at a certain time and will need to prepare a list for them and leave it and the money in a safe place such as your letterbox, at a prearranged time. The volunteer will leave the goods on the doorstep, post your change and receipt through your letterbox and phone you to let you know it has been delivered.

Please keep yourself safe. Would all volunteers please observe the 2 metre isolation distance.

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